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Avecho Biotechnology

Unit A8, 2A Westall Road
Clayton, VIC, Australia 3168

+61 3 9002 5000

Important Notice on Recruitment Fraud

Avecho Biotechnology Ltd has been made aware of an orchestrated scam promising people employment with the Company.
This is a serious issue. It can include direct communication via online chat applications and job seeker websites; illegitimate job appointments; and in some cases, misuse of personal details (including bank details, personal identification documents) and identity theft.
If you receive unexpected offers of employment from people claiming to work for Avecho Ltd, do not correspond with them, or click on attachments and hyperlinks.
Avecho will never ask for personal financial information during any step of the interview process. We never charge job seekers fees as part of the recruitment process. Avecho’s recruitment correspondence will only, without exception, come from authorised individuals using an email address ending in @avecho.com.au.
If you believe you have been contacted by an unauthorised person, please contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.

Possible Partnerships

We’re on the lookout for parties interested in the development and/or commercialisation of one or more of the products in our pipeline. Avecho also engages partners that aim to assess the feasibility of leveraging our TPM® technology to enable or enhance the dermal or transdermal delivery of new molecules not yet assessed.

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