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Female scientist looking through a a microscope

Enhanced pharmaceutical cannabinoid products

We are leveraging our proprietary TPM® platform to develop new cannabinoid products, in partnership with industry leading drug manufacturers.

Cannabinoids are lipid soluble molecules with poor oral bioavailability. Avecho hypothesised that our TPM® drug delivery technology would increase their absorption, as it has done previously for other lipid soluble molecules. Pre-clinical testing confirmed this to be correct, with significant increases in cannabidiol absorption seen in animal models using Avecho’s TPM® formulations.

We are now running parallel human clinical trials to support the development and registration of pharmaceutical cannabinoid products:

  • The first trial is an observational study in patients undergoing therapy with medicinal cannabis
  • The second is a formal Phase I clinical trial that characterises the absorption profile of CBD in healthy volunteers

In addition to oral dosage forms, Avecho is leveraging its experience in transdermal drug delivery to examine how topical and transdermal formulations can increase the absorption of cannabinoids.

Increasing the absorption of cannabinoids will allow for differentiated cannabinoid products on market, with greater therapeutic potential and/or reduced cost to patients, which is timely given the changing regulatory landscape for these products in Australia.