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Enhanced pharmaceutical cannabinoid products

We are leveraging our proprietary TPM® platform to develop new cannabinoid products, in partnership with industry leading drug manufacturers.

Medicinal cannabis extracts are being legalized around the world as recognition of their therapeutic potential grows.  These early medicinal cannabis products are typically simple cannabinoid oils or tinctures for drinking or dried flower for smoking.

Moving forward, a range of pharmaceutically acceptable dosage forms will be required to meet the needs of patients, physicians and regulatory agencies.

However, cannabinoids are lipid soluble molecules with poor aqueous solubility and oral bioavailability.   This presents challenges for developing formulations that can deliver cannabinoids into the body efficiently.

We are leveraging our proprietary TPM® platform to develop new cannabinoid products, targeting a range of pharmaceutical dosage forms, routes of administration and clinical indications.

Avecho has optimised oral cannabidiol oils and soft-gel capsules for increased absorption and pharmaceutical stability. The formulations show significant increases in cannabidiol bioavailability compared to commercially available dosage forms.


Avecho has completed the early-phase development and testing of a cannabidiol soft-gel capsule formulated using TPM. The product is now the subject of a pivotal Phase III clinical trial, targeting mental health indications (insomnia/anxiety).


Learn more about the Phase III Trial

The inclusion of cannabinoids in topical TPM gels increases the dermal and transdermal absorption of the molecules.


Avecho has already completed a proof-of-concept Phase II clinical trial in collaboration with the Lambert, Initiative testing a topical CBD gel in patients suffering osteoarthritis of the hand.


Topical CBD was found to improve pain and grip strength (P<0.001) after daily application.  month.


Further studies are being planned to examine topical CBD and topical CBG for osteoarthritis.


Read the Lambert study

Edible cannabis dosage forms (gummies/pastilles) typically take 60-120 minutes to take effect.  Edible pastilles or gummies with faster onset would provide significant therapeutic and commercial advantages.


The addition of TPM to edible dosage forms leads to rapid onset via buccal absorption, with effects observed within 15 minutes.  Pharmaceutical pastilles could potentially target patients, such as paediatric and elderly, who find the daily consumption of oil-based products difficult.


While Avecho’s focus remains the registered pharmaceutical market, TPM edibles with rapid onset have further applications in  the global consumer cannabis markets.

Further cannabinoids
Medicinal cannabis products initially focused on the two major cannabinoids in cannabis extracts; cannabidiol  (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).


Attention is now turning toward the minor cannabinoids, as these may prove more beneficial for specific clinical indications.


Avecho has already developed a range of oral and topical dosage forms containing the minor cannabinoids; cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN) and cannabichromene (CBC), for future indications.