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TPM® Delivery Technology

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Versatile technology with proven clinical benefits.

Discovered in Avecho’s own laboratories, TPM® (tocopheryl phosphate mixture) is the world’s first drug delivery platform combining a proprietary combination of two different forms of tocopheryl phosphate, an enhanced form of Vitamin E.

Reformulating products with TPM® has been proven to:

  • Increase drug solubility
  • Increase drug stability
  • Increase oral bioavailability
  • Increase topical/transdermal delivery

TPM® – Mechanisms of action

Unlike normal Vitamin E, TPM® self-assembles into small particles, less than a tenth the thickness of a human hair, that are able to entrap drugs or other molecules inside. This encapsulation increases their solubility and subsequent absorption.

Unlike other encapsulation systems, TPM® is not biologically inert, but has enhanced Vitamin E activity across a range of non-antioxidant roles.   These attributes offer distinct commercial advantages to a range of dosage forms, including injectable, oral and topical/transdermal products.

Applications to dosage forms

Injectable dosage forms

Formulations with fewer adverse side effects

Many injectable drugs have poor water solubility, or have poor chemical stability when dissolved in solution.  These injectable drugs require high amounts of oil, a surfactant or an organic solvent to maintain the drug in solution. Replacing undesirable excipients with TPM® could deliver a patient-preferred formulation with less potential for adverse side effects.

Avecho’s own research and development programs have already demonstrated how TPM® can benefit a range of injectable drug products to generate differentiated products of commercial interest.

Oral dosage forms

Increased solubility for better bioavailability

TPM®’s natural propensity to encapsulate poorly soluble molecules may provide a head start for oral drug absorption.  In-vitro digestion studies and multiple in-vivo animal models have shown that TPM® can increase the oral bioavailability of a range of molecules generally known to suffer from poor absorption.  TPM® itself has also shown a range of attractive biological properties when given orally, including positive benefits for plasma lipid profiles as well as a range of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory markers.

Topical/Transdermal dosage forms

Increased dermal delivery with reduced irritation

TPM® has been shown to enhance the dermal and transdermal delivery of a range of actives of different sizes and chemistries across the skin.  TPM®’s enhanced vitamin E properties have been shown to independently reduce redness and irritation when applied to the skin. Unlike other penetration enhancers, this allows TPM® to not only increase absorption into the skin for increased therapeutic benefit, but to reduce irritation the drug molecule may produce.


TPM® in action

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