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Delivering more in medicine.

Your treatments, only smarter. We’re working together with leading pharmaceutical brands to unlock the true potential in their medicines.


New formulations, new efficiency.

TPM®  has the ability to enhance injectable drug solubility, stability & utility characteristics. We’re enabling injectable products with fewer adverse patient side effects, and the formulation of previously unsuitable drugs to address unmet medical needs.

Daptomycin is a lipopeptide antibiotic used in the treatment of infections caused by multiple drug-resistant bacteria. It is administered by injection in hospitals, where it is provided as a lyophilized (freeze dried) powder that must be refrigerated until needed.  Prior to administration, the powder must be carefully dissolved in a process that takes 20 minutes per dose.  The reconstituted drug must be administered shortly thereafter, as the drug degrades in water.  The addition of TPM® to the reformulated product was shown to significantly reduce the reconstitution time compared to the existing lyophilized daptomycin products (and current generics), and provide an improved shelf life post-reconstitution.   Avecho continues to develop the product for a US filing, with the aim of launching a product with technical improvements compared to generics.
Propofol is a potent anesthetic that has gained wide popularity not only in the operating theatre, but also in procedural suites and intensive care units around the world.  It is used for induction and/or maintenance of general anesthesia.  Because the solubility of propofol in water is extremely limited, the commercial formulation was ultimately developed as an opaque, lipid-based macroemulsion containing soybean oil, egg yolk lecithin, and glycerol.  Propofol has been successfully reformulated with TPM®, allowing the removal of the problematic lipid excipients and creating a transparent, physician preferred, formulation.


Changing Pain for good.

Chronic pain is a complex condition affecting millions of people every year. At Avecho, we’re using smart drug delivery technology to create new treatment options that have a new route of administration, different mechanism of action or targeted delivery.  Our goal is to produce patient preferred products that prove to have better pain management and safety profiles then existing therapy options.

Transdermal opioid patches
Opioids are a class of drugs that produce powerful pain management.  However, their potency also produces a range of adverse side effects, including euphoria which is the incentive for abuse.  The abuse of prescription opioids has become an epidemic of global proportions.

Avecho has developed two complementary opioid patches, oxycodone and oxymorphone, that are designed to provide powerful pain management while minimising side effects and the potential for abuse.  Our TPM/oxycodone patch delivers oxycodone directly into the site of pain or inflammation, facilitating effective analgesia without the adverse side effects commonly associated with opioid therapy.  Our TPM/oxymorphone patch delivers steady-state plasma levels for the duration of patch application, to provide round the clock pain management without break-through. Both products are positioned as less abusable alternatives compared to the existing oral products on market.


Read the Oxycodone Study 
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The power of Vitamin E

TPM® was made for dermatology. Find out how TPM®’s potent anti-erythema action can complement increased drug absorption for dermatology applications.

TPM® and Tretinoin Gel
Tretinoin has long been the gold standard for the treatment of moderate-to-severe acne vulgaris.  Topical tretinoin therapy produces a reproducible dose dependent reduction in acne lesions, but also results in dose dependent erythema and dryness.  At a minimum, the dermal side effects can prevent the optimal dose being used.  At their most severe, they can force the cessation of tretinoin therapy altogether.  Our TPM® tretinoin formulation has been clinically proven to have greater absorption of tretinoin into the skin, while providing an overall reduction in erythema.


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