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Animal Health

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Delivering More for Animal
Health and Nutrition

Avecho is developing TPM® as a non-antibiotic feed additive product to enhance feed efficiency and the health of livestock animals.

Feed Efficiency

Helping livestock get more from their feed.

Great nutrition is key to healthy, high-performing livestock.  Antibiotics have been the industry standard to maintain heard health for optimal growth, but antibiotic resistance is a growing concern causing the industry to rethink its approach.  TPM® can be used as a feed additive to increase the absorption of nutrients, allowing the animals to gain weight faster without the need for antibiotics.  Given the large volumes involved in commercial animal product, any improvements in feed conversion rates provide significant cost savings to producers.  Avecho is building a compelling story proving how TPM® can increase feed efficiency in livestock.

Newly weaned pigs are particularly susceptible to production issues.  Maximizing the health of young animals supports their potential to be productive later in life.  In a large (1,000+ pigs) commercial pig study, newly weaned pigs fed a proprietary starter feed containing TPM® saw a ~14% improvement in feed conversion when compared to a base diet and a statistically significant further 3% improvement above a super vitamin E dose (in the form of tocopherol acetate).
Several broiler studies featuring 400+ birds, also demonstrated that the inclusion of TPM produced a 2-3% improvement in feed conversion under standard farming conditions.  Additionally these performance improvements were further enhanced (3-4%) in challenged conditions such as in heat stress.  Improvements to broiler production efficiencies outlined with TPM® can provide a significant financial impact to producers.


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Vitamin E and the other lipid soluble antioxidants are critical nutrients in dairy cattle, with blood levels decreasing significantly around the time of calving.  This decrease compromises the immune system, making the animal susceptible to mastitis, which has a significant cost to the industry.  Preliminary data suggests that an oral drench containing TPM® was able to improve the milk quality and severity of mastitis in dairy cattle.  Avecho continues to examine how TPM® might be used to supplement cattle at their most vulnerable and minimise the burden of mastitis to the industry.

Veterinary Applications

Could TPM® deliver more for your treatments?

The advantages that TPM bring to human pharmaceuticals hold true for the Veterinary space.  Avecho is currently exploring what veterinary products would most benefit from reformulation using TPM.


We’re working hard to deliver more in the world of animal health and nutrition. Here’s what’s in our pipeline.

Weaner Pig Starter TPM® PremixAvailable Global
Poultry TPM® PremixAvailable Global
Dairy TPM® PremixAvailable Global
Veterinary ApplicationsAvailable Global

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