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Manufacturing & TPM®

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Delivering more through manufacturing, licensing and production partnerships.

Avecho manufactures, supplies and licenses the use of TPM® for use in a range of Pharmaceutical and Animal Health brands. Whether you’re looking to create a new product or enhance what you have, more is possible.


Ashland wins rights to Vital ET and TPM®

Vital ET® is a multi-beneficial skincare ingredient derived from TPM®.  It has been manufactured at Avecho for over 15 years and distributed throughout the world by our partner, Ashland. Under a new agreement, Ashland will become the exclusive manufacturer and seller of Vital ET® and TPM® for use in the global personal care products market.

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TPM® manufacture and supply


At Avecho’s Melbourne facility, we use our proprietary manufacturing process to tailor batch sizes of TPM® to the application.  Our plant is equipped with smaller reactors to service research and development applications, or to supply partners with material for feasibility testing.  We have larger vessels used to supply material for inclusion in pharmaceutical products, and the method has been scaled up to meet the large volumes required for animal health feed applications.


We’re on the move to make more possible in personal care.
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On market
Manufactured by Avecho

Manufactured by Avecho

Animal Health
Manufactured by Avecho

Personal Care
Rights to manufacture Vital-ET® and TPM® for Personal Care sold to Ashland in 2019

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